About Us

Years Of Experience


LOLIA-OIL Place premium on safety and quality of our clients project deliverables through the collaboration of our employees, host communities and all concerned stakeholders thereby creating a mutual satisfying situation on a consecutive basis

To out-perform the industry’s competition at all level and at all time and emerge as the global leader in the EPIC business with an innovative streamline into the pipeline and steel fabrication services in the Oil and Gas (Upstream and downstream), through effective utilization of project management strategies without endangering our drive for sustainable development.

LOLIA-OIL NIG LTD is a wholly indigenous Nigerian EPIC firm that started operations in 2016 and fully licensed in 2019. LOLIA-OIL NIG LTD is a firms that specialize in Pipeline & Pipeline related facility Construction and Installation works, Test Separators, Construction of Pressure Vessel, Dredging/marine, Procurement etc. she has many contracts executed for SPDC, EXXON MOBIL, Con-Oil Producing, and other Multinationals among which is our Technical Capability in pictorial view. 

LOLIA-OIL NIG LTD occupies the frontline position in the EPIC Industry as a result of its deliberate disposition in ensuring that it represents the best of the industry through perfectly harnessing the combinatory supply of both her human and materials resources available in her workforce for optimum project execution while ensuring a commensurate satisfactory level of her complete personnel makeup.

LOLIA-OIL NIG LTD Management Team comprises of highly experienced professionals with proven track records from different Engineering and construction firms. It is our aspiration to meet all client expectations through swift, safe and quality delivery of projects through efficient project management with total respect and partnership with her host communities.

In LOLIA-OIL we believe in team work, partnership and mutual respect of our esteemed personnel, clients, communities and our environments which is the basis of our guiding principle “A SUCCESSFUL TEAM BEATS WITH ONE HEART”

In LOLIA-OIL NIG LTD, We Stand for:

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • On Time Delivery
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Respect and
  • Knowledge Collaboration

Within Our Corporate Environment, our Culture which is Founded upon these values is practically contagious to all observers.

Our Strength

Committed to Being Environmentally and Technologically Conscious 

Our Style

  • EPIC Capability with partnership with reputable Engineering Company.
  • Experience Management Team and Qualified Supervisors
  • Commitment to timely, quality and safe project delivery within budget.
  • Commitment to local Content Capacity building (infrastructure, Training, Employment e.t.c.)
  • Commitment to Host community development/empowerment.

Equipment Description

  • Cranes & Lifting Equipments
  • Earth-Moving Equipment
  • Compressors & Pumps
  • Welding Plant
  • Generators
  • Tower Light Source (Diesel Driven)
  • Sand Blasting Equipment
  • Angle Grinders & Power Tools
  • Marine Equipment (Barges)
  • Vessels & Boats

Project Experience

LOLIA-OIL has demonstrated its leadership position in Project Management, design and construction management of new build, upgrade and modification projects for oil and gas production facilities. The company has proven track records and capability in the design, procurement and installation of new oil field process facilities, Pipeline/Flow Line Construction and installation works, Pipeline Manifold and its associating Piping Fabrication and installation works etc.. These projects involve project definition, conceptual design and FEED studies, detailed design, procurement, construction, Installation and project management. The company also renders consultancy and project management services to smaller service companies in the industry as part of its local content development initiative

Quality Assurance

We back our service with Our Quality Assurance program, which guarantees your expectations and meets our high quality standards.

We also have a Quality Assurance Department that regularly audits the services provided by our financial, technical and operations lead teams to ensure they meet the Lolia Oil standard. These audits include:

  • Safety & Regulatory Review
  • Administrative Review
  • Personnel Training Requirements
  • Client On-site Service Inspections & Equipment Inspections
  • Service Standard Adherence (Department of Petroleum Resources – DPR; Nigeria Petroleum Exchange - NIPEX).