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Fabrication and Installation Experts

We Specialize in Fabrication and installation in the oil and gas industry, and this involves the construction and setting up of various equipment and structures necessary for the exploration, production, refining, and transportation of oil and gas resources. Here is an overview of the fabrication and installation processes in the industry...


Pipeline Construction And Installation Works For Land and Swamp

Pipeline construction and installation works are critical activities in the oil and gas industry, both on land and in swampy areas. These operations involve the design, construction, and installation of pipelines to transport oil, gas, and other fluids from production sites to processing facilities or distribution points.


Civil Construction/Foundation Works For Facilities

Civil construction and foundation works are crucial for the construction of facilities in various industries, including the oil and gas sector. These activities involve the construction of the foundation, structural elements, and other civil works necessary for the establishment of buildings, industrial plants, and infrastructure.


Tanks (Floating and fixed Roofs) Revamp Works and New Builds

Tanks, both floating roof and fixed roof designs, are important components in the oil and gas industry for the storage of various liquids, such as crude oil, petroleum products, and chemicals. Our Revamp works and new builds involve modifications, upgrades, and the construction of these storage facilities


Offshore and Onshore Facility Maintenance

Maintenance is a vital aspect of our job, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of offshore and onshore facilities. Regular maintenance activities are conducted to preserve the integrity of equipment, prevent breakdowns, and optimize production. Here’s an overview of offshore and onshore facility maintenance: Offshore Facility Maintenance: Maintaining offshore facilities


Flow Station Upgrades/New Builds

Flow Station upgrades involve enhancing the existing infrastructure to accommodate changing production requirements, meet regulatory standards, and adopt new technologies. These upgrades may include: Equipment Modernization: Upgrading and replacing outdated or inefficient equipment such as separators, pumps, compressors, and control systems to improve performance and reliability.


Dredging/Marine, Procurement and Project Management

Dredging/Marine, Procurement, and Project Management play significant roles in the oil and gas industry. These areas are essential for ensuring the smooth execution of projects, the procurement of necessary resources, and the effective management of operations. Let’s explore each of these aspects in more detail: Dredging/Marine: Dredging is the process.


Business Proposal and Tender Packaging Engineers

Business Proposal and Tender Packaging Engineers are professionals who specialize in preparing and packaging business proposals and tender documents for companies. They play a crucial role in helping organizations effectively communicate their capabilities, qualifications, and solutions to potential clients or government agencies when bidding for projects or contracts.

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